Windfall Tournaments at Spartan Poker

Poker Master | September 12th, 2016 | Tournaments

spartan poker windfall tournaments

Spartan Poker is an amazing poker portal where you can find one of the best poker tournaments in India. Windfall tournaments are the most amazing poker tourneys where you can win up to 3000X of the buy-in. The main attraction of the Windfall tournament is that the prize pool is selected randomly by a spinning wheel. So if you are lucky you can get the maximum prize pool which will be 3000X of the buy-in amount.

The buy-ins start from Rs.1 and you can win up to Rs.60 Lakhs from this amazing tournament from Spartan Poker. This is one of the flagship tournament at Spartan Poker which makes it exciting than the other poker tournaments in the industry. So do not miss any of the windfall tournaments if you are playing at Spartan Poker.

Windfall Tourney Details

The Windfall tournament from Spartan Poker is designed to offer you with one-of-a-kind experience. You get hold of 500 chips when you enter the tournament and the prize pool is randomly selected which may range from 2 to 3000 times. Another attraction of Windfall tournaments is that you can simultaneously play four tournaments at a time.

While registering for the tournament, you have the option to select the buy-in amount. You can also select the number of tournaments you want to play. The tournament will begin when two more players have joined the table. Once there are 3 players in the table the spin wheel in the table will randomly select the prize pool of the tournament.

The possibilities are endless and you can stand a chance to win up to Rs.60 Lakhs. So don’t wait head right to Spartan Poker and start playing the Windfall tournaments. Please do let us know how the special tournaments went for you. Comment your reviews on Spartan Poker in the comment section below. Keep Playing!


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