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Poker Master | July 31st, 2017 | Tournaments

Online Poker Tournaments PokerMet War of Zehn

PokerMet may be a new name for you if you love playing online poker games but they have added a 10 week long tournaments with cash prizes worth up to 5.5 million. The poker tournaments will start running from 2nd August and can be joined by earning your tickets while making your deposit with a special code. The tournament cash prizes will increase with each passing week until 1 million on the final tournament day.

If you have been playing at PokerMet, make your deposit during the promotion period to win your ticket for the poker tournaments. These tournaments are the best way to show-off your bluffing skills against equally skilled pro players. It’s a War of Zehn you just can’t miss!

War of Zehn Online Poker Tournaments

The War of Zehn poker tournaments will run from 2nd August to 4th October 2017. The players interested in joining these tourneys are required to make their deposit with a special code in order to get their tickets. The players can make their deposits each week as mentioned in the table below:

Deposit Schedule Use Code
2nd August – 9th August ZEHN
9th August – 16th August ZEHN500
16th August – 23rd August ZEHN700
23rd August – 30th August ZEHN1000
30th August – 6th September ZEHN1200
6th September – 13th September ZEHN1500
13th September – 20th September ZEHN1700
20th September – 27th September ZEHN2000
27th September – 4th October ZEHN2200
4th October ZEHN2500

The deposits can be made with the special code after 9:30 PM. Once the deposits have been done, you will receive tickets for the poker tournaments as mentioned below:

Tournament Schedule Prize Pool
2nd August at 9:30 PM 100K GTD  (R+A Rs.100)
9th August  at 9:30 PM 200K GTD  (R+A Rs.200)
16th August at 9:30 PM 300K GTD  (R+A Rs.300)
23rd August at 9:30 PM 400K GTD  (R+A Rs.400)
30th August at 9:30 PM 500K GTD  (R+A Rs.500)
6th September at 9:30 PM 600K GTD  (R+A Rs.600)
13th September at 9:30 PM 700K GTD  (R+A Rs.700)
20th September at 9:30 PM 800K GTD  (R+A Rs.800)
27th September at 9:30 PM 900K GTD  (R+A Rs.900)
4th October at 9:30 PM 1million GTD  (R+A Rs.1000)

To read more about the top sites to play online poker in India, visit and read poker site reviews. Got a feedback on these tournaments or the game play at PokerMet? Post your views in the comment section below.


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