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Poker Master | September 6th, 2016 | Promotions

poker leaderboard contest

Unibet has announced a leaderboard contest that will be running all this month of September. The top 40 players from each this leaderboard will take home cash prizes from a prize pool of €20,000. The online poker leaderboard contest will be based on the points the players accumulate by reaching the flop of No Limit and Pot Limit tables.

Players just need to play maximum games and reach flop to collect points for the poker leaderboard. So, don’t fold your cards until you reach flop and play on for maximum fortune rewarded to you at the end of the month.

High Stakes Flop Race Poker Leaderboard Contest

The poker leaderboard contest named High Stakes Flop Race will run from September 1st 00:00 hours to September 30th 23:59 hours. Player will have to play on Pot Limit 200 with blinds €1/€2 and No Limit 400 with blinds €2/€4 to earn 1 point for the leaderboard. The points will be added to the player’s leaderboard position every time he reaches flop on these tables. To earn 1.5 points, players can choose to play on Pot Limit 400 with blinds €2/€4.

The top 40 players will be rewarded with cash prizes at the end of the contest as mentioned in the table below:

Player Ranks Cash Prize Distribution
Rank 1 €2500
Rank 2 €1800
Rank 3 €1400
Rank 4 €1000
Rank 5 €800
Ranks 6-10 €500
Ranks 11 -20 €400
Ranks 21 -40 €300

If there is a tie between the players, an average amount of the players’ winnings will be taken into account. The winnings will be rewarded to the players in 3 days from the end of the poker leaderboard contest.

So, start playing now and don’t fold your cards until you see the first set of cards on the tables!


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