Types of players in online poker games

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | Poker Strategy, Tips and Tricks

types of players in online poker games

Reading your opponents is an integral part of any mind games. Texas Holdem Poker is no exception; reading the type of players is one of the most important aspects of the game. Along with executing smart strategies, reading your opponents gives you an edge and you could take effective decisions to avoid losses and maximize your winnings.

Poker players can be categorised into the following four types:

  • Loose Players – The poker players who play too many hands and bet a lot on them are usually called as loose players.
  • Tight Players – The players who are very selective about their hands and know how far to go with them are known as tight players.
  • Passive Players – Those players who only call a bet made by other players and rarely raises are called as passive players.
  • Aggressive Players – The poker players who usually bet and raise most of the times when involved in a hand are known as aggressive players.

Loose – Passive

Such type of players is known as calling station, as they frequently call and rarely bluff. These players are very easy to beat in Texas Holdem Poker for their tendency to play most of the hands. Such players only bet or raise when they have a strong hand, which makes it easy for you to read them.

Loose – Aggressive

This type of players is known as maniac, as they are known to create really tough situations on the tables. They go too far with their hands and are not easily bluffed that bring a lot of action to the game. However, such an approach is quite risky and these players are usually not considered as successful players.

Tight – Passive

Such players are very dangerous and yet predictable. They will bet or raise only when they have a strong hand. They don’t bluff at most of the times and call only when they are comfortable with the situation. You need to take them seriously when they enter a hand voluntarily as it could really signify that they have a strong hand.

Tight – Aggressive

These players are known as rocks and you should avoid confrontations with them. They do not play many hands and are very selective about both hand and position. This is a winning approach but they seem to get too predictable and you could easily manipulate them with bluffs.

Out of these categories, the best approach that you can rely is a combination of tight-aggressive and loose-aggressive styles. It is not that easy as it sounds; you need to practise well before implementing them in cash poker games.


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