Strategies while playing poker online

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | Poker Strategy, Tips and Tricks

strategies while playing poker online

Online poker is very different than that of the traditional live poker. So, the strategies you use in live poker might not work in online poker especially the poker face bluffing. Poker face is one of the best bluffing strategies that professional players use to mask their emotions with opposite of what they are feeling. For example, if you are getting a bad hand, you should mask it with some talks, smiles or laughs so that your opponent think you are having a good hand. But in online poker, as we are not seeing our opponents, poker face won’t work there; instead you should use some other bluffing techniques to outclass your opponent.

The first strategy you should embrace while playing online poker is to read and understand the rules. You can do this by reading a tutorial on online poker rules, watching a video or by just playing the poker game on your smartphones. The more you play, the more you will start understanding the basics of each variants poker like Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em etc.

After learning the basics, it’s time for you to explore the poker arena. Select a good online poker website which gives you welcome bonus and allows you to play in daily free rolls. It will help you play against different players and test your strategies without depositing any cash at first. The first thing you should understand is there is no such strategy that your opponent can’t outclass if he is a professional poker player. So, playing and betting carefully is the first thing you should do. Use your bet terms Raise, Call, Fold and Check carefully so that you don’t lose huge cash if you lose.

Don’t be a predictable player while playing online poker. This also means you can bluff your opponent by calling Raise even though you are having a bad hand. This might make your opponent think you are having good hand and make him fold. Also, it is advisable to keep it cool while playing online poker. Playing more aggressive can make your opponent think either you have a good hand or bad hand depending on the level of expertise of your opponent.


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