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Poker Master | November 1st, 2016 | Promotions

bad beat jackpot

Bad beats can be really unlucky especially when you are playing for high stakes. So how do you deal with it other than being getting disappointed? Spartan Poker has come forward with a really nice idea for all unlucky bad beat victims. They created Bad Beat Jackpot tables and are paying the players with a percentage of real cash to get over from the bad beat phase.

Spartan Poker says the Bad Beat Jackpot is the best shield against the “tough luck”. The rewards for bad beat player can be availed only if he loses the game with a hand of Quad Deuces or better in real money NL Hold’em tables. The amount that is to be rewarded for bad beat sufferers will be deducted from other tables depending on the club level. The complete details of the deductions are as mentioned below:

Bronze Level: Rs.0.25 per Rs.10 in the pot (Max Rs.1)

Silver Level: Rs.1 per Rs.100 in the pot (Max Rs.5)

Gold Level: Rs.1 per Rs.300 in the pot (Max Rs.10)

The Bad Beat Jackpot amount can only be redeemed by playing on BBJ Tables which is marked with a star in Spartan Poker’s lobby. The amounts you can win from BBJ Tables are as mentioned below:

Bad Beat Hand: 40%

Winner Hand: 20%

Rest of the Players: 20%

New Jackpot Amount: 10%

House Revenue: 10%

Playing in BBJ tables is more rewarding for bad beat sufferers with 40% of the rewards. So, don’t be disappointed on a bad beat anymore. Start playing!


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