Poker Tutorial

How to Play Poker

Intro to Cards
Learn the basics of Cards & Suits

Intro to Poker
Learn the basics of Poker Game

Intro to Cards

A deck is comprised of 52 Cards
There are 4 Suits in every deck:





Each suit is comprised of 13 cards


Intro to Poker

Poker is a very interesting card game which involves betting.
A single deck of cards is used to play Poker. All the suits hold the same value.





The betting of the game continues until all the players have matched the bet.

The winner of each hand in the game is determined by the best combination of cards in the table.

Poker is a game of skill and the game can be mastered by mathematical skills and psychological analysis of the opponents.


Poker Hand Variations

In the game of Poker, the cards you are dealt is the crucial element deciding the strategy you implement. The player with the highest valued cards has the highest chance of winning the game.

Royal Flush

Royal Flush: ‘Royal flush’, as the name suggests is the strongest hand in Poker. It is the sequence of consecutive cards comprising of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same suit.

Straight Flush

Straight Flush: ‘Straight flush’ is the sequence of consecutive cards of the same suit. This is the strongest hand strong hand after the royal flush.

Four of a Kind

Four of a Kind: ‘Four of a kind’ is the hand which has four cards of the same value and a different card. If there are multiple ‘four of kinds’, the player with the highest value card wins.

Full House

Full House: ‘Full House’ hand has 3 cards of the same value and a pair. If there are multiple ‘Full House’, the player with the highest 3 cards win.


Flush: If all the cards of a hand are of the same suit irrespective of the value, then the hand is called a ‘Flush’. Value of the cards is considered if there are multiple flush claims.


Straight: If all the cards of a hand are of consecutive values irrespective of the suit, it is known as a straight. Ace can be used as a low card or a high card.

Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind: If the hand has 3 cards of the same value it is known as ‘Three of a Kind’. The high value cards are chosen in case of multiple claims.

Two Pair

Two Pair: Two pairs of different suits make ‘Two pair’. The player with the high value cards is chosen in case of a tie.

One Pair

One Pair: One pair is the combination of two cards of the same value. The high value card is selected in the event of a tie.

High Card

High Card: The lowest ranked hand in poker is the high card. If more than one player with ‘High Value’ card, the highest value card is chosen.

Card Distribution in Poker

Cards are distributed faced down to each of the players starting from the person seated immediately clockwise to the dealer. Every player in gets 2 cards and the rest of the cards are placed in the middle of the table.


Betting Rounds

One of the major gamplay of Poker games are the betting rounds. There are different phases where in player can make a move based on the strength of their hand.

Pre-Flop: Pre-flop is the first round where the blinds are posted. The players can place bet based on the strength of their hand.

Flop: Flop is where the first 3 of the 5 community cards are placed faced up in the table.

Turn: The third round is called as the ‘Turn’ where the fourth community card is revealed to the players.

River: This is the fourth and the final round where the fifth community card is shown to the players.

Player Betting Options

In every round, players have the option to choose what is to make their move. They can opt to check, bet, call, raise and fold.


Checking means you are passing the chance to the next player without making a move.


There will be an initial bet in each round. You need to place the bet to continue playing.


This option enable you to match the previous high bet amount.


This option is to raise the bet by putting more chips than the previous player.


This enables you to quit the game once it is your turn to make a move.


The remaining players who have matched their bet need to reveal their cards. The winner is the player how has the best five cards in the table.



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