Poker tips and tricks for beginners

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | How to play poker

poker tips and tricks for beginners

Tips and tricks come in handy in every card game. The same goes well with Texas Holdem Poker. If you have recently joined the bandwagon of Texas Holdem Poker, it’s time to improve your skills with a set of very useful tips and tricks. Apply these and see how you have transformed yourself into a poker shark!

Don’t Play all Hands

Playing poker after learning the game could be exciting. However, don’t get swayed by your emotions! Do not play every poker hand; you might end up losing a lot of chips. Have patience and do not play with low-valued hands. Bet more when you get high-valued hands.

Know How to Bet

You have the equal chance of getting good hands even with skilled players. When you do, you must have to draw your opponents to bet more and increase the pot size. Do not let your opponents know that you have a strong hand by making unreasonable bet. Lure them into your trap and grab all the chips.

Folding is not Always Bad

Sometimes you start with big blind on low-valued hands. It is natural that you would want to win the pot as you have contributed to the pot. However, it is not compulsory to bet if you think that you can’t win the pot. Folding is not a bad option even if you have used some of your chips. So, simply fold and try to win in the next game.

The Art of Bluffing

Bluffing makes poker the most interesting game of cards. You cannot afford to reveal any emotion or expressions that can make your opponents catch your bluff. However, bluffing is not that difficult in online poker, as nobody can see you. With bluffing, you can force your opponents with higher-value hands to fold. Yet, you need to be cautious, or else you could lose a lot if caught. You need to secure your hand while bluffing; so, don’t bluff and raise a huge bet with low-value hand.


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