Poker Sports League – A New League to Crown Best Poker Players

Poker Master | February 25th, 2017 | News And Events

Poker Sports League

Poker Sports League from India will be first ever professional pan-India poker tournament comprising of 12 teams from different metro cities. Just like leagues for Football and Cricket, poker game deserves its place in the list of games that requires skills and the players who love to play this game should be rewarded.

The ideating brain behind Poker Sports League (PSL) is Dabur’s vice-chairman Amit Burman. Talking about PSL he shared his love for poker and the need for a league for the same which will develop the interest as well as eradicate the limitation in the near future. He said, “Poker is a game of skill and needs to get its due. We sold out 12 teams within four days. I don’t know how many other leagues can boast of this.“ Burman himself a player over the last few years is modest enough to say. “he is not the best” when it comes to play live.

Speaking about the traditional value card games hold in India as well as in festivities like Diwali, he said, “We are the only country where we grow up playing cards with our parents. It’s an integral part of Indian tradition and it’s high time this skill game gets a professional touch.” He continued talking how he learned math, psychology, probability and game theory just by playing poker and concluded by saying, “No game can teach you so much.”

While we talk about Poker Sports League (PSL), there is one more league named Indian Online Poker League getting started in few days time. “The tournament will have eight teams and is meant to sportify the game of poker and to reach bigger audience,” says Jatin Banga, founder, Indian Online Poker League.


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