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Poker Master | June 26th, 2017 | Promotions

The Deal pokerstars poker promotion

PokerStars, the biggest portal in offering texas holdem poker online has announced an amazing poker promotion that will reward you with free real money. Just use 7 StarsCoin you gain usually by completing different tasks at PokerStars and spin the wheel to win a jackpot! The more StarsCoin you spend to play, the higher will be the share of real money you can win as Jackpot.

The poker promotion named The Deal will also let you win real cash if you didn’t even make it to the Jackpot round. You can win up to $300 by playing real money poker games in the promotion period.

The Deal Poker Promotion Details

PokerStars’ The Deal promotion is for players who haven’t redeemed the StarsCoin. In order to join this exciting poker promotion, click on ‘The Deal’ from your mobile or web software. You can choose the amount of StarsCoin you want to spend to join the poker promotion. Choose between 7 or 70 StarsCoin and start playing. The more you spend, the higher will be your chances to win a big jackpot.

Once you have spent your StarsCoin, click on ‘Play Now’ button to get dealt with 7 cards face down. You can now opt to discard two cards out of these in order to give you a poker hand. If your poker hand is good, you will be rewarded with prizes in real money as well as a chance to try your hand on the Jackpot round.

Once you reach the Jackpot round, you will have to ‘Spin a Wheel’ that will reveal your cash prizes. If you hit the Jackpot, your PokerStars account will be instantly credited with 50% of jackpot prize money. The other 50% will be equally shared between players who have played ‘The Deal’ poker promotion in the last 12 hours.

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