Online poker strategies: The right way to bluff

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | Poker Strategy, Tips and Tricks

online poker strategies the right way to bluff

Out of the many aspects in online poker games, what makes it as the most interesting card game is the aspect of bluffing. When you don’t hit the right cards, you can use the deceptive art of bluffing and fool your opponents to steal their poker chips. However, if you don’t play it well, it could lead to a disaster and spoil your chances of winning in online poker games.

Learn the best poker strategies at and execute your bluff successfully. After mastering these techniques, you could be the next big bluff master at the poker tables!

Bluffing Against Whom?

This is the fundamental question! When it comes to bluffing, all depends on the type of poker opponent you are dealing with. The nature of your opponents will determine the success of your bluff. It all rests on your opponent –whether he will fold or call your bluff.

One is better than many:

It is ideal to bluff against a single opponent than hitting against a bunch of online poker players. Bluffing against more than one player means more chances of having a failed bluff.

Bluffing against Idiots is not Poker: Your bluff won’t work if your opponent is not able to comprehend the danger that you pretend to unleash. So, it is wise to choose the target of your bluff. A good poker player is the one you should try to bluff, the one who is intelligent enough to understand what type of cards you represent instead of bluffing against those who are dumb to call your bluff without calculating the odds.

Your Image Matters the MostA poker table is like a theatre – it all depends on how well you are able to perform your role. If you act like a tight player who bets only while having strong hands, you have more chances of bluffing successfully. But if you act like a maniac who throws poker chips frequently, you bluff will most likely fail. So, the right practice will be to perform a role of a versatile character who is unpredictable at the poker tables. Your opponents will not dare to call your bluff and you will be successful in sealing their chips.

Build a Betting Pattern

You just can’t bet huge amounts at the river and expect your opponents not to call your bluff. A momentum needs to be built up so that your bluff gains credibility. You need to build a narrative along the lines of betting that will become stronger as the community cards stack up. For example, you have K♣ J♦ and the flop is Q♠ J♠ 7♥ where your opponent bets Rs.50 and you simply call. The turn is 5♣ making it Q♠ J♠ 7♥ 5♣ where your opponent bets Rs.75 and you call again. Now the river is 3♠ and your opponent checks; here, you have a chance to bluff with a bet of Rs.100. This will build the narrative of you having a flush and recreate a story of you waiting for a spade to arrive at the river. Your opponent will believe that you really have a flush and therefore made a huge bet to confirm your winning.

Strike from Your Position

Your position and the number of remaining poker players are important factors while executing a successful bluff. Late position gives you a vintage point to analyse the betting patterns of your opponents. If you observe that players are not raising, you can have a good chance to fool them with a big raise. However, it is also advantageous to bluff from early position by making a huge raise to represent a premium hand, as it is a known practice of raising a big raise at early position only when you have strong or premium hands. But the way you build the narrative of your bluff would matter the most as you have already raised from the early position to represent a strong hand.

Bluffing is not as easy as it sounds; it is a sophisticated art practiced by expert poker players. So use these techniques and practice them well to see how you fare at fooling your opponents with your canny bluffs.


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