Online poker strategies: Starting hands categories

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | Poker Strategy, Tips and Tricks

online poker strategies starting hands categories

It is not always possible to get strong or premium hands all the time in online poker games. You need to take some risks to enter the pot with hands that may not seem very playable. However, if you know the categories of your hands, you could safely bet with more probabilities of winning the pot in online poker games.

There are almost 169 possibilities of forming different hand combinations in Texas Holdem Poker, irrespective of their suits. Whatever, your hand may be, it is likely to fall under one of the following categories:

Pairs: Two cards of the same rank are the best starting hands that you can bet in online poker games. You have an advantageous position in the game before seeing the flop, as you lead with a ‘Two of a Kind‘ hand. However, the strength of the pair also plays a big role in the game, a pair of A-A is far more powerful than a pair of 3-3. However, if you could see a cheap flop with a weaker pair, go ahead! There is greater probability of hitting a set till the river with a low pair as the other players who are in the pot must be having one of the face cards. So, it all depends on the strength of the hands and the probability of making a set till the river, if all the odds seem right.

Suited Connectors: These hands are consecutive cards in the same suit; some of the best examples would be A♦ K♦, Q♥ J♥, 10♠ 9♠, etc. There is a good probability of hitting a straight, flush and even straight flush with such hands. However, it is quite rare to get such hands and if you do, it all depends on what kind of community cards hit the table. You need to be patient and calculate your odds before putting a lot of chips to see the river.

Connecting Cards: Connecting cards are somewhat similar to suited cards; they are consecutive cards of different suits. Some examples of connecting cards would be J♣ 10♥, K♥ Q♦ and 9♠ 8♥. Unlike suited connectors, you have more chances of getting connecting cards. There are good chances of hitting a straight unless the odds and the betting pattern seem favourable.

Suited Unconnected Cards: These are unconnected cards in the same suit with a gap of two, three or more cards in between. For example, K♠ J♠, 10♥ 7♥, 6♣2♣ are unconnected cards in the same suit with a gap of one or more cards. There is greater probability to get these cards than suited connectors and you could hit a straight, flush or straight flush till the river. However, you need to be careful with suited hands as the odds of hitting a flush on the flop is 0.8% and the chances of making it after the river is 6.5%. So, it is not always favourable to enter a big pot and be completely dependent on the community cards to hit a flush in poker games.

Unconnected Cards: You are likely to get unconnected cards more often than any other types of hands in online poker games. These are non-suited unconnected cards that have a gap of one or more cards in between; for example, K♠ J♥, 10♠ 7♥, 6♠ 2♣ and others. The bigger the gap between the cards, the lesser is the chance of hitting a straight. A hand like 6♠ 2♣ needs 3, 4 and 5 to make a straight, while a hand like 10♠ 8♥ can hit a straight with 9 J Q or 6 7 9.

So, analyse your poker hands, calculate the odds and place your bets safely by categorising them into the types mentioned above.


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