Online poker strategies: Reading poker tells

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | Poker Strategy, Tips and Tricks

online poker strategy reading poker tells

The dramatic element in poker games is not just limited to movies. It is an actual and important aspect used in real poker games. The level of expertise of a poker player depends on both his skills and how well he is able to manipulate others with his acting performance. However, a real player is the one who could identify which reaction of his opponent is real and what constitutes a fake response. If you could identify the real reaction, you could get vital information on the strength of your opponents’ hands. You could have a lead over your opponents if you could understand the meaning of their Poker Tells.

Poker Tells

A Poker Tell is the change in players’ behaviour or betting patterns that could give some clues on the strength of their hands. This is more applicable in live poker games but you could also read them in online poker games. However, you need to be extremely careful as many players fake poker tell to trap you in their game.

Here, we will focus more only on online poker tells as it is not possible to see the reactions of the players over the Internet. Many experts believe that it is quite impossible to read a poker tell in online poker games. But, we will show you how you can not only read but fake a poker tell over the Internet to fool your opponents and steal their chips.

Reading Online Poker Tells

As you cannot see your opponents physically, you have to rely on their betting patterns to accurately read their poker tells. The best way is to observe their reaction time, which is how long do they take to respond to a bet. If they take a lot of time to call, it could imply that they have a weak hand and a fast one could mean that they represent a strong hand. However, you have to keep in mind that timing may not always be reliable as your opponent might attend to other business while playing online poker, resulting in extra time to respond.

Using False Online Poker Tells

Create a pattern or frame a false behaviour to set up false poker tells. Just the way you slow-play and trick your opponents, you could use false tells to fool your opponents. In order to execute false poker tells build a pattern of betting; for example, whenever you have strong hand, take extra time to make a big raise. After a couple of showdowns, you will convince your opponents that when you take extra time to make a raise, you have a strong hand. Your opponent will observe this as your poker tell and you could use it to bluff your opponents. Take extra time when you have weak or average hands and your opponents will believe that you have a strong hand.

You could also use the chat window to set up a false poker tell. Play a couple of hands where you actually tell your opponents that you are going to win. For example, if you make a straight or flush on the turn or the river, type “Bingo” on the chat window. Initially, your opponents would not believe and check your cards on the showdown. However, after beating your opponents in a couple of deals, they will be convinced that whenever you use “Bingo”, it means that you made a flush or straight. When you have set this poker tell, you can easily bluff your opponents by saying “Bingo” during situations where it would seem like a straight or flush. Your opponents would not dare to call your bet and you could win more with your false poker tell.

All these poker strategies might sound easy but you have to practice them well before executing them in cash poker games.


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