Online poker strategies: Pre-Flop tricks for novice players

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | Poker Strategy, Tips and Tricks

online poker strategies pre flop tricks for novice players

It is quite natural for novice players to feel nervous while competing in poker tournaments against expert players. Most the poker veterans have a tendency to intimidate novice players with their bullying bets and canny manoeuvres. However, if you are a beginner at poker tournaments, here are some of the smart strategies that can boost your confidence and neutralise experienced poker players.

Always Raise

Experienced players are masters of post-flop strategies. So, as a novice player, you need to come with poker strategies that will force expert players to quit before they could see the flop. Online poker games are a huge advantage for novice players, as your opponents cannot read your reactions. So, halt the moves of expert poker players with some of the amazing poker tricks.

Go All-In: This strategy is the most effective in online poker games. Force your opponents to fold by going for all-in whenever you have a premium poker hand. Going all-in forces your opponents to quit before the flop and you could steal their blinds. They will have no option but to wait for a premium hand to call your all-in. In this way, you create tough situations for expert players instead of placing yourself in a tricky situation after the flop.

Bet Large: In most of the poker tournaments, a standard raise size is three times the size of big blind. If the blinds are Rs. 1000/2000, a bet of Rs. 6000 is considered to be a standard raise in poker tournaments. Anything less than that is considered to be as small raise and betting more than Rs. 3000 is taken as a large raise. So, to halt an expert player from seeing the flop, raise it to five times the big blind. This will puzzle your opponents as you will be betting Rs. 10,000 to steal the blinds of Rs. 3000. Experienced players wouldn’t risk Rs.10,000 to see the flop and you could easily steal the blinds. However, you should continue the same bet ratio whenever you choose to play a hand. Decreasing the bet raise according to the strength of the hand will develop a pattern that could be easily read by your online poker opponents. So, stick to the raise of five times the big blind during the initial stage and later decrease it as you progress to advanced stages of poker tournaments.

Don’t Limp In: If other players have called the big blind, don’t limp in to see the flop. Things will get very tricky if you call the big blind in an online poker tournament. A novice player should always fold or raise before the flop. Keep that in mind! If none of the players call before your turn, use the ‘five times the blind’ rule and if two or more players limp in before you, raise it to nine times the blind. This will put too much pressure on experienced poker players. They will be forced to take your bet seriously and consider it as a big threat to play against your strong poker hands. Pin them down by putting them in such precarious position where they will have no other option but to fold.

Dealing with Opponents’ Raise

Things could get way out of hand, if your opponents raise before your turn. You need to change your strategy according to different instances of raise and re-raise placed by your opponents before the flop.

Position Matters: If you have K♥ J♠ and the player under the gun raises to Rs. 6000, the standard three times of the big blind, the best move would be to fold. You may find this move very awkward as you would be folding in spite of having a strong hand. The reason to fold is simple. The player who raises at an early position rarely bets high unless he has a strong hand to compete against others who are at late positions. Let’s consider another instance where you are at the late position of small or big blind with the same hand K♥ J♠ with your opponent raising in a late position. This time make the pre-flop raise to Rs. Rs. 30,000, five times the raise made by your opponent. This will apply enough pressure on your opponent and force him to fold thinking that you have a stronger hand than him.

Dealing with Re-raise: When a player does a re-raise on your huge bet of Rs.30,000, it is quite probable that he is not bluffing and has a premium strong hand. You should also respect the re-raise and consider it seriously. Your opponent must be having a legitimate strong hand and the best move would be to fold. However, if your opponent is going for all-in re-raise with a short stack, you will have to read the odds to find whether it is an act of desperation. If the situation is favorable, you should call. It is advisable to call the re-raise only when you have any of the following hands: AA, KK, QQ, JJ or AQ. Hands like AQ and TT could be risky against betting a player who could be holding a AA or KK hand.

Use these excellent poker strategies to win more at online poker tournaments. With these poker strategies, you would no longer be a novice poker player and would be able to challenge any expert players at the poker tables. Play aggressively and learn how to control the situation with our superb pre-flop poker strategies. Play the best online poker tournaments at and win big!


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