Methods of Deception Used in Online Poker Games

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | Poker Strategy, Tips and Tricks

poker strategies methods of deception used in online poker

Poker is both mathematical and psychological. Nobody can beat your hands if you use the right mathematics in poker. But if you don’t get the right ‘outs’, you can still win by using the powerful weapons of deception: bluffing, semi-bluffing and slow playing.

Many experts use theatrics while executing these methods in live poker tournaments. However, it becomes easier to deceive your opponents in online poker games, as nobody can see your reactions. Always use them in the right way; otherwise it could be really disastrous if you get caught.


Bluffing is the most common method of deception in poker games, especially in no limit poker. However, it doesn’t work if the stakes are too low like Rs. 2/4 where there is not much of a risk to see the community cards. So, bluff by placing a huge bet that could scare your opponents in online poker games. When you play at higher limit tables, you should bluff when there are only one or two opponents. Bluff at the flop with a huge bet when you see a high card to represent a high card and raise big if you see three cards in the same suit to convince everyone that you have a flush.


This is a form of bluffing where you bet with a hand that could be potential enough to become the best hand in river. You can continue bluffing when there are good ‘outs’ left, which could end up in a monster hand. For example, if you have Ace and King of Spades and the flop are Jack and Three of Spades. You can still bet hoping that another Spade will hit by the river.

Slow playing

Slow playing is just the opposite of bluffing where you have the best hand in a poker game. You deceive your opponents by convincing them that you have a weak hand, when in fact you have the winning hand. For example, you have a pair of Kings and the flop turns out to be King and two Threes. Right at the flop, you have already won the game with a Full house! But you don’t want to bet a huge amount to scare your opponents. You simply call if your opponents raise and go for a huge bet at the river or wait till anyone goes for all in the last bet.


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