How to Play Poker with Aggressive Players

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | Poker Strategy, Tips and Tricks

poker strategies how to play poker with aggressive players

The common trait in most of the aggressive poker players is unpredictability. It is very difficult to find a pattern or a trend of moves that could define their behaviour at the tables. They are big risk-takers and could go all-in to double their stack.

So, how will you track an aggressive player and find his Achilles’ heel? Let’s find out!

Excessive Bluffing: This is where they take the bait! Aggressive players play a lot more hands than any other competitors. Analysis and statistics have shown that they play more than 70% of the hands they are dealt with.

Check Raise: Aggressive players play with lots of check raises. They do this to ensure that they get to see the flop. If they make it to the flop, they will usually make a huge bet to avoid the showdown (when bluffing) or to reveal their monster hand.

Poker Strategies to Deal with Aggressive Players

Enough said about aggressive poker players – Let’s find out how to deal with them!

Aggressive players love to be aggressive: they want you to feel their wrath and create fear among other players. This is where you should strike – Let them be more aggressive and then deliver a final blow to knock them out. Play with patience and don’t go all-in during the early stages with them. Instead, fold your cards if you think they have the upper hand by mucking them. When you muck, it will give them more confidence and aggression. Once you get a monster hand, continue your theatrics to trick them into thinking that you will eventually muck; the moment they go all-in, call and show these players who is the real aggressor!

Theories are not enough! Practise the poker tips and tricks you just learnt. Tame all aggressive players and win big with your improved poker skills!


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