How to Play Poker Aggressively

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | Poker Strategy, Tips and Tricks

online poker strategies how to play poker aggressively

Playing aggressively in live poker events is usually not recommended. But that is definitely not the case in online poker! With the rise of online rummy worldwide, online poker tables have become a battleground of aggressive players. So, you must learn how to play aggressively in order to compete well in poker online.

It is actually not a bad idea to play aggressively in online player. If you make your moves right, you can win larger pots and command greater control over the table. Aggressive gameplay maximises your winnings and shapes the betting pattern of your opponents.

Eliminate Your Opponent’s Chances

Playing aggressively creates chaos in your opponents’ game plan. You can bully them anytime you want with huge raises and destroy their scope of winning. Also, you can play with medium borderline cards and halt the winnings chances of your opponents with aggressive play. For example, you have JT and the flop hits with 5 6 J. There is a good possibility that your opponent can hit a straight or top pair higher than Jack in the showdown. Therefore, you should play aggressively to halt the winning chances of your opponent. Bet aggressively, almost 4 times the big blind to force your opponent to fold.

Play from Any Position

Most of the poker strategies are effective from late positions. But you can play aggressively from both late and early positions. Aggressive betting in late positions is widely recommended. If the players before you check, you can make a huge bet to eliminate limpers. However, in early positions, you must bet cautiously. Aggressive betting is effective only when you have a premium or strong hand. If anyone limps, you will always have an advantage over others. And yet, if you have a decent pair against one player, you can raise four times the big blind to halt the winning chances of your opponents.

The power of elimination makes aggressive gameplay a favourite among online poker players. However, play with composure and go aggressive intelligently. Know more online poker strategies and improve your gameplay at!


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