How to Handle Bad Beats in Poker

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | Poker Strategy, Tips and Tricks

poker strategies how to handle bad beats in poker

If you can’t stop bad moments in your life, how can you control bad beats in Poker? Bad beats are an integral aspect of poker: It can happen any time, in spite of you holding the best hand. You must accept that fact that you have no control over it; if bad beats are bound to happen, they will happen!

Bad beats aren’t that bad if you analyse it in depth. The small factor of luck makes poker as the most interesting game. Winning against a monster hand when bad beats crushes your opponent could be the most thrilling moment ever. Taking risks with the hope of winning against all odds makes poker as the most exciting card game ever!

Avoid Tilt during Bad Beats

Bad beats get worse if you are on a tilt! One of the devastating effects of bad beats is that you tend to lose your composure and start behaving erratically. If you are on the breaking point after a terrible bad beat, you should stop playing: fold a couple of hands and regain your composure. Once you are back, you can strike again after surviving your terrible bad beat.

Focus on the Plan, Not on Bad Beats

What makes anyone a better poker player is the ability to handle bad beats. If you play with complete composure with a perfect plan on your mind, bad beats won’t affect you anymore. When you set up the goal of winning a tournament, you will always focus on the end results, not on any bad beat. Calculate what’s profitable at the end of the game and do not get affected by temporary bad beats. If you can handle it well, nothing else will affect your victory.


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