Online Poker and Rummy Games get a Legal Ban in Telangana

Poker Master | June 23rd, 2017 | News And Events

Online Poker Banned in Telangana

The government of Telangana has classified Online Poker and Online Rummy as illegal according to its new ordinance. Anyone found guilty of playing online poker will face prosecution and those who promote the game will also be punished under the new law.

The consequences of the new ruling will be reflected in the revenue of the Indian gaming industry. At present, social card games like online poker and rummy games contributes commendable revenue to the Indian gaming industry. The industry will be affected as the contributions from the state will now be in a halt.

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government earlier had a new gaming policy which decided to give incentives those who invest in the gaming industry. The ban on online games like poker is in contradiction with its new gaming policy. This is also in contrast to the Supreme Court verdict which came out earlier which permits ‘skill’ based games like poker and rummy could be conducted for stakes online.

The regulation is for playing games for cash, but players can still play free games from Telangana. Poker India being a group of highly enthusiastic poker players from India believes that everyone in the country should be granted access to the game without legal complications. Being a game of skill, we should not bury these wonderful games in controversies and misconceptions.

However, we are hoping the TRS Government to revisit their ordinance to allow a skill-based game like Poker and Rummy to be legal in the state. Please share your reviews on the new ordinance in the comment section below.


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