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Poker Omaha hilo

Omaha Hi-Lo poker is a variant of the Omaha Hold ’em poker otherwise known as Omaha High-Low, Omaha 8. Omaha Hi-Lo is considered as the most interesting and trendy card game in the world of poker. As the classic Omaha Hold ’em poker variant, every player is dealt with four cards each. The players should use exactly three community cards to make their hand. There are many variants for the Omaha Hold’em Poker, almost all variant of the game are similar to use.

Rules of Hi-Lo Showdown

The Omaha Hi Poker is basically a ‘split pot’ game in which the pot is divided in half during the showdown. One half of the divided pot goes to the best hand and the other half to the best qualifying ‘low hand’. Below are the detailed info on ‘the high’ and ‘the low’ in the Hi-Lo Omaha poker.

The High

‘The High’ in Hi-Lo poker is the winning hand in the Omaha Hi-Lo Poker. In a game of Omaha Hi-Lo poker there will always be a winning high hand. There is no requirement for qualification in the High hand; this is the reason that in every game there will be a high hand.

The Low

In the contrary, the low hand must qualify to be eligible for winning the half of the pot. A low hand is the combination of any 2 cards from a player’s hand and 3 cards from the community cards. If there is not a low hand which qualifies, the high hand will win the entire pot. Some of the requirements for low hands are as follows:

  • A player can use any 5 cards (2 from the hand and 3 community cards). It doesn’t matter if the same cards were used to make combinations for the best high hand.
  • It is important that the low hand cards should be cards with rank less than 8. That means if you have the best hand with the cards of less than 8, you can win the low hand pot.
  • In the low hand, Aces are considered to be low.
  • Another important rule for the low cards is that there will be no flushes and straights. So the best low hand will be 5-4-3-2-A despite of the suits.
  • The low hand is ranked from its highest card downwards. If there are more than one low hands of the same cards, the low hand pot is split equally.

Omaha Hi-Lo Games Variants

There are many variants for the Omaha Hi/Lo card game. some of the major variants of the poker game are as follows:

  • Limit Omaha Hi-Lo – This is an interesting variant of Omaha Hi-Lo poker in which a limit for betting applied in each game and round.
  • Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo – This follows the classic Pot Limit Omaha poker rules in which the betting is limited considering the chips in the pot.
  • No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo – In this variant of poker, a player can bet all the chips he has. There is no limit in betting which makes the game more aggressive.
  • Mixed Omaha Hi-Lo – This is an exciting Omaha Hi-Lo variant as the rules of limit and pot-limit Omaha Hi-Lo poker are applied in alternative rounds. The blinds also increase as the game is switched from Pot limit to Limit. This makes sure that the stake levels are steady.

All the other rules remain same as the Omaha hold ’em poker. The Omaha Hi-Lo poker is increasing its popularity as there are many online poker websites. The Omaha Hi-Lo is a very compelling game variant and we recommend that you try it out and let us know your reviews.


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