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Here at, you can be sure of getting the latest news, events and stories on anything that is related to Poker. We handpick the best news for you so that as a poker game enthusiast you don’t miss anything. Planning to join the next big live or online poker event? You know where to check the schedule if you are a regular reader at

In Poker India, we regularly update the latest news which will give you more knowledge on the Indian poker industry. The news we publish include the gameplay and performances of high profile players, the amount they win from each tournament including live and online poker and a calendar of all upcoming poker tours and events.

We also give updates on website software, the security and safety, new features and many more. Want to get the latest news on poker apps? You are in the right place as we publish news on mobile poker every week. Get to know about the best mobile poker app according to ratings and reviews and start playing on the best app to grab maximum rewards. Now with virtual reality kicking in, you can expect some of the poker websites making the most of this feature and you surely don’t want to miss on these innovations in global and Indian poker industry.

Some of the top universities like Stanford and Harvard are researching on the game of Poker for more knowledge on human behavior, probability and counting. Although a bit scientific, the news and updates on these research materials will help you to improve on your game for sure.

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