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Poker Master | September 26th, 2016 | Promotions

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Khel Play poker has announced loyalty tiers for its players which will reward the players according to the number of games they play. The club members can also enjoy joining in on tournaments with loyalty points along with redeeming extra percentage of bonus on their deposits. There are 4 tiers in Khel Play loyalty club scheme – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Each player starts his career in Khel Play Poker in Bronze Club. The number of games you play and the amount you deposit to play cash games determine your club level in Khel Play Poker. The complete details of the Loyalty Club and benefits are as mentioned below:

Bronze Club

Every player at Khel Play Poker starts as a Bronze Club player. As a player in this club level, you won’t be getting anything as rewards or bonuses as everything in this tier is set to zero. Once you start playing poker and making deposits, your points will increase and will help you to jump to higher club levels. If you are in bronze tier, the maintenance points, the tier bonus and the grace points needed to be on the same level is set to zero.

Silver Club

In order to reach Silver Level from Bronze Level, you need to get 25,000 points. In this club, you will get 2% tier bonus and there will be maintenance points of 20000. If you keep on playing cash games, you will either be promoted to Silver Club or you will stay in the bronze club. The grace period to stay in the same club level is 1 month. If you haven’t scored 20000 points in a month, you will go back to bronze club.

Gold Club

The Silver Club members can reach the Gold Club in Khel Play Poker once they acquire 75000 points playing cash games in a month. The club rewards with 4% tier bonus and 70000 maintenance points. The grace period to stay in the same club is one month and if you are unable to score 70000 points in the current as well as next month, you will go back to silver club.

Platinum Club

Platinum Club is the highest level a player can reach at Khel Play Poker. On this club level, a player needs 125,000 loyalty points and is entitled to 6% tier bonus. The maintenance point in this tier is 100,000 and a grace period of 1 month is allocated to sustain the level.

If a player gets inactive at Khel Play Poker, the loyalty points will expire in 180 days which can be reallocated once the player becomes an active player.


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