Jasven Saigal

Poker India | September 2nd, 2016 | Pro Poker Players

jasven saigal

The reputation of poker players from India is growing as many professional Indian players are being recognized globally. Jasven Saigal is one among the distinguished poker players from India who able to win the India Poker Championship. He is a reputed poker player and has taken part in many international poker tournaments and is considered as a thriving poker player at the global scale.

Jasven Saigal is an inspiration for many amateur poker players in India who wants to gain global recognition. Jasven is from a family with the catering business background. His interest in poker started after he took part in a poker tournament back in 2008. He was so involved in the game which later motivated him to organize cash tournaments in his home. He was slowly able to evolve as a renowned professional poker player. He is also the co-founder of Aces Unlimited.

Major Tournament Statistics of Jasven Saigal

Year World (USD) The Americas (USD) Rest of the World (USD)
2015 23,620 7,581 16,039
2014 2,693 2,693
2013 10,804 10,804
2012 32,698 32,698
2011 17,728 17,728
Total 87,542 10,274 77,268



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