How to play texas hold’em poker

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | How to play poker

how to play texas holdem poker

Texas Holdem Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. Although there are various reasons behind its popularity, the one common aspect that marks its popularity is that it’s very easy to learn! If you don’t know how to play Texas Holdem Poker, learn the game in quick and easy steps and jump on the bandwagon of poker enthusiasts!

The Dealer

Like every other card game, Texas Holdem Poker begins after deciding a dealer. A random toss is made to decide which player will be chosen as the dealer. The player who gets the highest card starts the game as the dealer. The dealer changes after every hand by moving the deck one player to the left.


After deciding the dealer, two players who are seated to the left of the dealer have to post a blind. Blinds can be called as forced bets that players have to make without seeing the cards. The first person to the immediate left of the dealer has to post a ‘Small blind’ and the second person to the left of the dealer will have to post a ‘Big Blind’. The small blind is the half of the minimum bet and the big blind is the full of the minimum bet. Blinds are represented with a slash. For example 500/1000, here 500 is the small blind and 1000 is the big blind.

Blinds vary in tournament and cash games. In tournaments, blinds start at low bets and gradually increase with set intervals, like after every 10 hands. It can also increase after a specific time limit like after 15 minutes the blinds will increase.


After both the blinds are posted, each poker player is dealt with two cards down. These two cards are called as ‘Hole’ cards. The game begins with the first round of betting from the player to the left of the big blind. In order to continue the round, the player must call the big blind. However, the player may decide to fold or raise the bet amount. One player, at a time, continues the round of betting and ends on the player who posted the big blind. However, if a player raises the blind and the round of betting ends on the one who raised the bet, provided no other player has raised the bet.

Community Cards

After the round of bet is completed, three cards from the deck are dealt face up in the middle position of the table. These cards are called as community cards that can be used by the players who continue to bet. This is called as the ‘Flop’ in Texas Holdem Poker.

Another round of betting begins with the first person who is at the immediate left of the dealer. After the betting ends, another single card is dealt face up next to the three community cards on the table. This card is called as ‘The Turn’ or ‘4th Street’. Similarly, another round of betting starts so that one final card is ‘Burned’. The final card is called as ‘The River’ or ‘5th Street’. After that, another final round of betting takes place so that the players can show their hole cards to decide the winner of the poker game.

Deciding the Winner

After the final round of betting, the players have to turn their hole cards to evaluate which player wins with the best poker hand. The players have to make a hand of 5 best cards out of the 7 cards (5 community cards and 2 hole cards). If two or more hands have the same ranking, the player with the higher cards wins the game. If the poker hands are tied, the pot is equally split between the winners.


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