How to Play Poker – Platforms, Strategy & More

Poker Master | February 13th, 2017 | News And Events

how to play poker

Poker card game has gained immense popularity in last few decades and it’s predicted to be one of the most played games in coming years. While the majority of the players start playing this game for fun during their campus life, there are some players who take the game more seriously and become a pro player to earn their income. If you are one among a game enthusiast who have heard about the game only in popular movie and other pop culture entertainment channels, this might be the best time to know how to play poker with all of its rules and strategies.

One way to learn poker is by signing up on an online poker website. These websites are often regarded as a saviour for all poker game enthusiasts because unlike live poker rooms which require you to pay to gain membership, the poker websites rewards you instead with a bonus amount when you create an account. The sign up bonus can be any amount or a percentage of bonus cash you can redeem while you make your first deposit with the website. Once you are logged in, you can go to practice or freeroll tables to gain playing experience.

Most of these websites have a how to play poker online section from where you can get a step-by-step guidance from learning the basic rules to advanced strategies used by professional players to win a game. One way to make sure you are not losing big on the cash games is by making the most of your deposit bonuses which you get while creating an account. You can even use the size of the bonus as a measurement during choosing the website to play on. Other poker strategy to gain more and lose less is by playing freeroll games. Freeroll games can be found in most websites and they don’t require you to pay any Buy-In amount to play poker online. By winning these tournaments, you can also build your bankroll to enrol your name for big cash tournaments.

While you play poker online, have a check on the game format before you join any tables. This will make you more confident while you play allowing you to have a poker face. To gain more experience and learn how to play poker from scratch, you can also rely on some of the top poker apps available on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store. These apps are free and you can play with free virtual chips without any risk of losing money.


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