How to play poker

Confused about some rules of poker? Worry not! We got all the poker rules for you explained in easy and simple steps! Learn the right way to play poker and master the art of winning with comprehensive poker theories and strategies .

At, we try to explain how to play poker in layman’s terms. A person who has no idea about poker can easily learn the game by understanding the  poker rules  and its gameplay. Some of the key aspects that you can learn at are as follows:

Blinds: We will guide you on how big and small blinds begin in every round of betting. Once you are acquainted with the poker rules, you will be able to play poker easily.

Hole Cards: In every deal, you are dealt two cards face down. You need to bet, fold or raise according to the strength of your hand. You can get the complete list of poker hand rankings at and will be able to remember the rankings in order with ease.

Community Cards: The real action unfolds with the community cards in Poker. Three cards are shown during the flop; one card is revealed during the turn and the final card is shown in the river. You can learn the right way of betting when each card is revealed at

Besides the poker rules, you can also learn about smart poker tips for beginners and know about the common mistakes made by novice players. Our list of best starting hands will educate you on which hands should be played and which hands to fold. In a nutshell, you will be able to learn how to play poker and also master every aspect of the game at!

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