Get Ready for Sleepless Nights with Insomniac Tourneys

Poker Master | November 7th, 2017 | Tournaments

Insomniac Tourney Spartan

Are you all set for the sleepless nights? If you are, head straight to Spartan Poker to experience the daily Insomniac tournaments. You can win guaranteed cash prizes from the series of Insomniac tourneys hosted in the portal. Spartan poker has decided to target a unique set of players who love to play poker online late in the night.

If you are the one who loves to stay awake for an exciting game of poker, this is for you. You can win amazing cash prizes from the Insomniac tournaments.

Insomniac Tournaments Schedule and Details

The Insomniac Tournaments will be hosted on the site every day from 1:00 AM till 8:00 AM. So if you are a night owl, you can enjoy the spirit of the Insomniac tournaments. There are a series of tourneys with multiple buy-in amounts and prize pools. Please find the details of the different Insomniac tourneys from the table below.

Tourney Name Buy in Gtd. Prize Pool Schedule
INSOMNIAC (FO) 220 7500 1:00 AM
INSOMNIAC (RE) 220 6000 3:00 AM
INSOMNIAC (R+A) 110 10,000 4:00 AM
INSOMNIAC (RE) 110 3500 5:00 AM
INSOMNIAC (R+A) 55 5000 6:00 AM
INSOMNIAC (FO) 110 3000 7:00 AM
INSOMNIAC (R+A) 55 4000 8:00 AM


So, if you are excited to transform your nights to sleepless nights, head straight to Spartan Poker and start playing the Insomniac series of tournaments. You can win guaranteed cash prizes from these amazing tourneys.


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