Feel the Heat Poker Tournament at PokerMasti

Poker Master | October 10th, 2017 | Tournaments

Feel the Heat Omaha Poker Promotion Masti

PokerMasti, the big name in the online poker industry in India has announced a tournament that will reward the top players with couple tickets for an all expense trip to Goa along with cash prizes! The top player in the tournament can claim a luxurious yacht whereas the runners-up can still take home cash prizes worth Rs.35,000.

If you are good with the online poker strategy needed for Omaha cash games, get seated for this tournament between dates 16th October and 15th November to win your luxurious cruise trip to Goa. The tournament will be held for 30 days and will reward the top players based on the VIP Points they collect. So, next time you log in to your PokerMasti account, make sure you are playing Omaha cash games or tournaments for a bigger than the big reward!

Feel the Heat Tournament Details

‘Feel the Heat’ promotion from PokerMasti will run for 30 days, 16th October to 15th October, and is applicable for all real money players at the site. The players need to make maximum VIP Points in the promotion period playing Omaha cash games with some poker strategy to win their rewards. The players need to pay an entry deposit worth Rs.25,000 to qualify for this promotion. There will be a 100% Instant Bonus of Rs.25,000 on the entry deposit players pay.

The players at PokerNation are required to play six Omaha cash games with stakes 25/50 to qualify for Feel the Heat promotion. When the players gain 75,000 VIP Points and rank one in the top three positions out of the six Omaha games they play, they can claim the rewards. While the first prize winner takes home a couple ticket for a cruise trip in Goa, the player coming second and third can claim Rs.25,000 and Rs.10,000 respectively.

The rewards will reach the top players within 15 days from the tournament finish date. If you have any feedback on Feel the Heat tournament, subscribe to PokerIndia and post your comment below!


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