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Poker Master | September 6th, 2016 | Tournaments

Adda52 fantasy league

If you love playing poker at Adda52, here is an amazing tournament where you can use your skills to win more. With the success of the previous poker leagues, Adda52 is back with another exciting Fantasy league tournament with more excitement than ever.

With this amazing tournament, you can create multiple teams and you can participate in multiple leagues so that you can win more. You can make the team containing 6 players according to your wish from the selected 100 players. These players are selected by Adda52 based on their performance in the poker platform in the June-Aug time frame.

Adda52 also offers the chance to join in the list. If your name is not listed in the top 100 players selected by Adda52, you can include yourself in the list by paying 275 loyalty points.

Fantasy League Tournament Details

For creating a team, you need to use 2200 Buy points instead 100 loyalty points. You can create multiple teams but you will be charged with 100 loyalty points each from your Adda52 account. The maximum number of teams you can create is limited to 6 and you can enter with a maximum  of 2 teams for one league.

Fantasy League Pool


League League Pool Buy In
Max Hand Won Series:
11th – 24th
50000 2500 LP
FPP Series: 11th – 24th 50000 2500 LP
Loyalty Race Series:
11th – 24th
50000 2500 LP
Max Hand Won:
11th – 14th
20000 1000 LP
FPP: 15th – 18th 20000 1000 LP
VIP Loyalty Race:
19th – 22nd
20000 1000 LP

Hope you will have an exciting poker league with the Adda52 Fantasy League. Please do let us know how the special league went for you and your team. Comment below your reviews on Adda52 poker tournaments.


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