Common mistakes in online poker games

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | How to play poker

common mistakes in online poker games

‘To err is human’ Poker is such a complex game that everyone is ought to make mistakes. However, there are some mistakes in online poker that you could never afford to make. Here are some of the common mistakes in online poker games which you should always avoid.

Betting Every Hand

This is a common mistake made by novice players in online poker games. They believe that luck will favour them in the community cards and play almost every hand. So, avoid betting on every hand, even if you get a high card in your hand.

Playing without Limit

Cupidity to earn more money is the biggest vice here. You should play poker for fun, not to win money. Most of the players who are in a winning streak tend to join high-stake games where the competition is really stiff. Manage your bankroll – join low limit poker games so that you don’t lose a large sum of money.

Tilting while Playing

It is very common to have bad beats in poker games. Whenever you lose a large sum of money, try to control your emotions and stick to your strategies. There are instances where online poker players use the chat sessions to make you angry by using mocking or abusive language. Just ignore them and play with complete composure and concentration.

Ignoring the Odds

Most of the players tend to play the game without calculating the odds. A poker player must calculate his odds to determine his winning chances before calling or raising. Avoid calling high raises without calculating the winning odds and raise only if the calculations seem favourable.

Emulating Professional Players

Many players follow videos of high stakes poker events and imitate strategies used by professional players. It is a huge mistake! Such games in poker videos are highly situational and the experts play it based on their individual strategies. So, don’t emulate them and play poker based on your odds and situations of the game.

Betting More on Suited Hands

One of the common mistakes in online poker games is betting a lot on suited hands. You should bet on suited hands only if they are of high ranks or paired. Probability of making a flush during the flop is less than 12% and raising the bet during the flop could be big disaster.


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