Best starting hands in online poker

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | How to play poker

best starting hands in online Poker

What are the best starting hands in online poker? This question has sparked numerous debates among poker theorists and experts. The best starting hands in online poker can only be concluded with extensive research on all possible situations on the table.

There are around 169 two card hand combinations, regardless of the suit, in Texas Holdem Poker. So, the starting hands play an important role in deciding whether you should see the flop by calling or raising the bet. The list of best starting hands, which is accepted widely, is mentioned below:

The Premium Hands

The powerful pairs of AA and KK are called as premium hands as they are the best possible starting hands in Texas Holdem Poker. However, it is quite rare to get such premium hands in poker, as the probability of hit it is once in every 110 hands. So, if you are lucky enough to have dealt with such powerful pair, you must play very carefully to make the most out of them.

The Strong Hands

The groups of QQ, JJ and AKs are called as Strong Hands. The pairs of Queens and Jacks are quite powerful unless an Ace or King hits the table. So, you need to observe the betting pattern of your opponents before making huge raises with such pairs. AK is usually known as Big Slick and Super Slick when suited. It can dominate other hands with Ace like AQ, AJ and AT. One could potentially go all-in with the Slick Hands.

The Good Hands

TT, AQs, AJs and KQs are usually known as Good Hands. When you have any of these hands, you can raise before the flop. These hands can dominate other combinations as there is an ace and a top pair of Tens. However, if the action gets too hot after the turn, you could consider before betting as your opponent might have a premium or strong hand.

So, if you get lucky with any of the best starting poker hands, play very cautiously to grab maximum chips from your opponents. You could slow-play and draw more of your opponents’ chips or bet excessively right away against aggressive opponents.


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