Basic Poker Strategies You Must Know

Poker India | August 22nd, 2016 | Poker Strategy, Tips and Tricks

Basic Poker Strategies

Do you want to improve your poker skills and boost your winnings? If you do, you must use these valuable poker strategies that will not only improve your gameplay but also upgrade your skills. Learn these poker tips and tricks and practise them at the tables to play like a professional:

Know Your Opponents

Before making huge bets, you must know the type of opponents you are dealing with. You must categorise your opponents on their basis of their gameplay – whether they are playing tight, aggressive, random, or a bit of mix of everything. This categorisation will help you to execute effective bluffs and steal most of their chips.

Use Mathematics and Probability

Although poker is often termed as a psychological game, winning chances are directly proportional to the matrices of mathematics and probability. Calculating poker odds will help you to decide your winning chances and keep a check on making wrong moves.

Patience Matters the Most

Patience is the utmost virtue that each poker player must value. You must avoid tilt if you lose a big pot and refrain from getting excited when dealing with a monster hand. Always follow your game plan and fold whenever the chances of winning seem bleak. Have complete control over your emotions and always play with patience.

Manage Your Bankroll

There’s a reason why Poker in banned in many countries – Irresponsible betting! Have total control over your bankroll and bet responsibly. Never play poker to recover losses, instead play for fun with the added objective of winning money. Appreciate the game and play like a professional who knows how to spend his money.

Use these basic poker strategies and experience the difference in your gameplay. Upgrade your skills and play like a pro at!


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