Artificial Intelligence on the Rise – Pro Poker Players Do Not Stand a Chance

Poker Master | March 3rd, 2017 | News And Events

Poker Artificial Intelligence - DeepStack

Poker is one of the most popular card games around and many players are showing interest in the game and are joining online poker platforms. The game is completely intriguing with every move that a player makes. Now the Artificial Intelligent system can play with real poker players while maintaining the same level of excitement.  There was a study published on AI system known as DeepStack which was able to overpower a pro poker player in heads-up, no limit Texas hold’em Poker. This is an important accomplishment in the field of AI and it is clear that the system has more the offer in the coming years.

DeepStack makes use of artificial neural networks to play poker. The system is developed by the University of Alberta and it is promising on the capabilities. The system break downs the complex game into more manageable tasks or pieces that will improvise going forward. This has enabled the game to efficiently manage a complex game like poker and beat the professional poker player.

Earlier there were many AI systems that defeated professional chess players. But there is a huge difference when it comes to poker. Chess is a game where the system can grasp complete information in front of them. While in poker, the information is very limited and is known as an ‘imperfect information’ game.   The DeepStack AI system was able to crack this and make decisions based on limited information available.

It is assumed that the AI system will bring more developments in cracking other poker variants. If the system can compete is six player tournaments, it would be a major achievement.

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