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Poker Master | September 12th, 2016 | Pro Poker Players

amit varma poker player

When you talk about Amit Varma, the first thing that will probably come to your mind is his famous novel ‘My Friend Sancho’. Yes, we are talking about the famous writer, blogger, journalist and media personality Amit Varma, who also happens to an avid poker player!

Professional poker player Amit Varma is widely known for his literary works. Having won the Bastiat Prize and the Best Indiblog Award, Amit Varma was also listed in BusinessWeek magazine’s India’s 50 Most Powerful People in 2009.

Besides his literary accomplishments, he has also conquered the world of poker with his impressive feats. Although he is not currently very active in the poker scenario but this massive winnings speak in volumes. Some of his mega winnings that set him apart as a world class poker player are mentioned in the tables below:

Year World Rest of the World
2014 $ 310 $ 310
2013 $ 8,800 $ 8,800
2012 $ 62,234 $ 62,234
2011 $ 13,206 $ 13,206
2010 $ 1,934 $ 1,934
Total $ 86,484 $ 86,484

Varma might be busy with his literary work but he still finds time to play his favourite card game. We can definitely expect some more great poker feats by such a versatile player in the coming championship seasons.


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