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Poker Master | February 2nd, 2017 | Promotions

Fantasy League Poker Promotion

Adda52, one of the biggest online poker sites in India has announced a Fantasy League for all online poker enthusiasts. The league will run from 1st to 21st February and will reward the top players with best team with Rs.2.1 lacs guaranteed cash prizes. The players at Adda52 can create multiple teams to conquer different leagues in the promotion period.

Players at Adda52 who are interested in joining the Fantasy League are required to enrol their team into the leagues on or before 10th January. A team can have a maximum of 6 players and you can enter the same league with 2 teams. If you have an Adda52 Poker account, time to get the best players in your team and play fantasy poker league for big prize money.

Adda52 Fantasy League Poker Promotion Details

Adda52’s Fantasy League for play money poker players will run from 1st to 21st February 2017. Players need to create their team of 6 players with a maximum of 3400 buy points. A player can take part in a single league with a maximum of 2 teams and can compete in as many leagues as possible. The players will be listed by Adda52 Poker website based on their performance and the players need to pick their players from this list exchanging their buy in points.

If you want to include yourself in the team, you can do so with a buy-in of 400 points. To get buy-in points, you need to enrol to Fly to Vegas poker promotion and use the bonus codes. You can also exchange your 100 loyalty points for 3400 buy in points. The complete schedule of the Fantasy Leagues is as mentioned below:

League Name Schedule Buy In Prize Pool
Max Hands Won Series 11th to 21st February 1000 LP Rs.50,000
FPP Series 11th to 21st February 1000 LP Rs.50,000
Loyalty Race Series 11th to 21st February 1000 LP Rs.50,000
VIP Loyalty Series 11th to 14th February 500 LP Rs.20,000
FPP 15th to 17th February 500 LP Rs.20,000
Max Hands Won 18th to 20th February 500 LP Rs.20,000

Adda52 is one of the best play money poker sites in India and if you have so much of loyalty points in your account, this might be the best time to redeem them for good. During this promotion you can also play poker online free or for cash to increase your loyalty points and to get listed automatically by Adda52 based on your performance.


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