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Poker Master | October 10th, 2016 | Promotions

adda52 poker promotion

Adda52 Poker is bringing the 3rd edition of Indian Poker League. This time the poker promotion event is going to be bigger than ever with cash prizes worth Rs.12,37,500. The players at Adda52 just need to make their fantasy team from a list of top 100 cash games players to qualify for different leagues. If the team a player has created comes in top of other teams, he can take home big fortunes.

In order to create your own team in the Indian Poker League, you need to have a minimum of 100 Loyalty Points. You can add yourself as a player in the team with 460 loyalty points. If you are already an active player in Adda52 Poker, it’s time to create your own team of pro players and win the league.

Indian Poker League Edition III Details

The Indian Poker League from Adda52 Poker will run from 3rd October to 23rd October 2016. All the cash players at Adda52 Poker are eligible to join this poker promotion if they have a minimum of 100 loyalty points in their account. Each player will be assigned with 3000 points from which they can make the best team of 6 players from a list of 100 players which is based on their performance on cash games.

If a player wants to add himself into the team, he can do so with 460 points. There will be two leagues in Indian Poker League namely Max Hands Played and Loyalty Race. A player can add up to 2 teams to each of the leagues. In order to enter Max Hands Played league, a player need to have 1000 Loyalty Points and for Loyalty Race, a player requires 2500 Loyalty Points. A prize pool of Rs.12,37,500 will be rewarded to top 5% of the teams. 80% of the prize money will be rewarded to the team owners and the rest of 20% will be divided among the team members.

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