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Poker Master | January 11th, 2017 | Promotions

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Adda 52, one of the biggest and best online play poker site in India is back with another edition of Fly to Vegas promotion that will reward the top players with a chance to show-off their skills in the world’s richest tournament scheduled to run in July 2017. The promotion is meant to inspire players to play more and earn loyalty points which can be redeemed for the entry tickets to Las Vegas.

Adda52 has given multiple opportunities from which a player can earn his loyalty points. The loyalty points should be earned in the promotion period from 7th January to 29th January 2017. If you fail to gain as much loyalty points, you can still win cash prizes worth 13.5 lakhs in the promotion period by winning special contests and from bonus offers and deals.

Fly to Vegas Poker Promotion Details

The complete poker promotion for Fly to Vegas from Adda52 is comprised of few mini promotions each rewarding its players with cash prizes and bonus offers. You can get an instant bonus of 40% up to Rs.32,000 by making a deposit of Rs.80,000 and above in the promotion period by using code VEGA90. Other than the 40% instant bonus your account will also be eligible for 50% locked bonus up to Rs.40,000 which can only be claimed by playing cash games.

Other than the bonus offer, you can play on multiple contests like Max4Cash (Jan 11th – Jan 14th), Frequent Play Points (Jan 15th – Jan 18th), Anonymous Max Hands Won (Jan 19th – Jan 22nd), Bad Beat (Jan 22nd) and Stack Challenge(Jan 22nd) to earn your loyalty points for a seat to Fly to Vegas satellites.

If you are unable to earn the required loyalty points to get seated on the Fly to Vegas Finale, you can join the Fly to Vegas Satellites to win your tickets. The satellite rounds will be played on 16th, 19th, 23rd,24th and 25th of January at 9:30 PM. The complete details of the poker promotion are as mentioned in the table below:

Tournament Name Entry Schedule Prize
Fly to Vegas Satellites 1 Lakh Loyalty Points 16th, 19th, 23rd,24th and 25th of January at 9:30 PM Ticket to Fly to Vegas Finale
Fly to Vegas Finale 8 Lakh Loyalty Points/Tickets 30th January at 9:30 PM $10,000 Ticket + Return Flight Tickets

So, mark the dates and be ready to play and earn as many loyalty points as possible in the promotion period. Win your tickets to the big event and be a champ at Las Vegas!


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