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Poker Master | August 4th, 2017 | Promotions

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Adda52, the leading Indian poker website has announced another season of month long promotion named Cash Game Carnival. The current season will start on 7th August and will reward the top players with Rs.40 lakhs in cash prizes. Just like last season of the poker promotion, this season also has multiple small challenges to test a player’s skills.

Just play poker games online for more hours in this month of August and earn a big cash prize. The poker promotion is applicable only on your games with blinds 25/50 and above. So, join the real cash poker tables and start playing!

Cash Game Carnival Poker Promotion Details

The Cash Game Carnival from Adda52 is for real cash players who make a deposit with a special code in the promotion period. Once the deposit is made, players can compete in challenges like Max Play Time, Max Hands Won, Cash Game Bounty, VIP Loyalty Race and Stack Challenge. The players need to join poker tables with blinds 25/50 and above in order to qualify for these challenges.

The complete details of the challenges in this poker promotion are as mentioned below:

Max Play Time: Spend more time playing real cash poker and get rewarded for it. Play more poker games and reach post flop non-heads up between dates 11th and 14th August to qualify. The top players from the leaderboard will share cash prizes worth Rs.50,000.

Max Hands Won: Your wins will be rewarded with extra cash prizes during the Cash Game Carnival poker promotion period. Win on poker tables with blinds 25/50 and above between dates 15th and 17th of August to win Rs.1 lakh in cash prizes. Only the non-heads up post flop will be considered for the challenge.

Cash Game Bounty: Get rewarded with a bounty for knocking your opponents from the poker tables. The more players you knock out, the bigger the bounty will be credited to your account. The challenge is applicable on multiple tables with blinds from 25/50 to 200/400. Your account will be credited with instant bonus with a maximum of 2.4% of pot.

VIP Loyalty Race: The loyalty points at this premier poker India website will be more rewarding between dates 21st and 24th August. If you are a VIP player at Adda52, play more poker games online in the promo period and win cash prizes worth Rs.3 lakhs.

Stack Challenge: This challenge will start on 20th August and will reward the players with cash prizes worth Rs.10,000. Just play a minimum of 100 hands in the promotion period on tables with blinds between 50/100 and 200/400 to qualify for the contest. The hands you play should be played between 6 PM and 11:55 PM on 20th August.

Show-off your poker games online skills on multi-table tournaments all this month of August and take home your share of prizes from Rs.40 lakhs. Login to your Adda52 account and start playing poker games online!


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