Adda52 Mega 10 Prime Tournament

Poker India | August 24th, 2016 | Tournaments

poker tourney 10 pm

Adda52 is here with yet another exciting tournament for the poker lovers around! The 10 Prime series is an amazing line of tournaments that are hosted in the Adda52 daily. You can join for these tournaments by qualifying in the corresponding satellites. The total guaranteed prize pool of the Adda52 Mega 10 prime tournaments are Rs.17.19 Lakhs.

Adda52 Mega 10 Prime Tournament Schedule & Details

The tournament starts from August 1 and will be running till the 31 August 2016. The Mega 10 Prime tournament will be hosting the Texas Holdem / Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) poker variants. Below are the detailed weekly schedule with the entry fee, time and the prize pool for the Mega 10 prime tournaments.

Monday 10 Prime Satellite Rs. 40 8:00 PM Main Event Ticket
Monday 10 Prime  | 2Rebuy-1 Addon Rs. 400 10:00 PM Rs. 50,000
Tuesday 10 Prime Satellite Rs. 45 8:00 PM Main Event Ticket
Tuesday 10 Prime | Reentry Rs. 450 10:00 PM Rs. 56,000
Wednesday 10 Prime Satellite Rs. 55 8:00 PM Main Event Ticket
Wednesday 10 Prime | Freezeout Rs. 550 10:00 PM Rs. 77,000
Thursday PLO 10 Prime Satellite Rs. 50 8:00 PM Main Event Ticket
Thursday PLO 10 Prime | 2Rebuy-1 Addon Rs. 500 10:00 PM Rs. 56,000
Friday 10 Prime Satellite Rs. 40 8:00 PM Main Event Ticket
Friday 10 Prime | Bounty + 2 Re-Entry Rs. 300 + Rs.100 10:00 PM Rs. 50,000
Saturday 10 Prime Satellite Rs. 100 8:00 PM Main Event Ticket
Saturday 10 Prime- 1 Re-Enter Rs. 1000 10:00 PM Rs. 75,000
Sunday 10 Prime Satellite Rs. 20 8:00 PM Main Event Ticket
Sunday 10 Prime |2Rebuy-1 Addon Rs. 200 10:00 PM Rs. 20,000

So, if you are the one who loves playing poker at Adda52, give the Mega 10 Prime Tournament a try and do let us know how the tournament went for you. Please give your reviews and suggestions on the Adda52 Poker tournaments in the comment section below.


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