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888 Poker, one of the biggest online poker website has announced a set of poker tournaments which will reward you with cash prizes worth $150,000. There will be 18 ChampionChips Series Tournaments held between dates 23rd and 30th July 2017. You can join these poker tournaments with a buy-in of just $1 or can join the qualifier rounds to earn your free entries. The qualifier rounds will run from 15th to 22nd July 2017.

Details of ChampionChips Poker Tournaments

The ChampionChips poker tournaments at 888Poker can be joined with a buy-in as low as $1. If you want to get qualified for these tournaments for free, you can join the special qualifiers running between 15th and 22nd July 2017. 50 seats will be granted from each qualifier and the top players from each of these can sit in the corresponding ChampionChips Series Tournament. While you play at these tournaments, collect points and lead you way in Winner’s Gallery Leaderboard. The top 200 players in the leaderboard will win a special prize whereas the top player will win $1000 in cash prizes.

The poker tournaments will be held in Omaha and Texas Holdem Poker online format. The complete schedule of the tournaments is as mentioned in the table below.

Tournament Name Schedule Buy-in
$10,000 Opening Ceremony 23rd July at 04:30 PM $5
$25,000 Half Marathon 23rd July at 06:00 PM $12
$1,500 Race Track (Turbo) 23rd July at 07:30 PM $1
$10,000 Long Jump 24th July at 06:00 PM $12
$1,500 Sync Swimming (Omaha) 24th July at 07:30 PM $5
$30,000 Weightlifting (High Roller) 25th July at 06:00 PM $55
$1000 Wresting (4-Max) 25th July at 07:30 PM $1
$3000 Boxing (Knockout) 26th July at 06:00 PM $12
$3000 Hurdles (Extended R&A) 26th July at 07:30 PM $1
$3000 Rugby (Quarterback) 27th July at 06:00 PM $5
$2000 Pole Vault 27th July at 07:30 PM $3
$2000 Triple Jump (1R1A) 28th July at 06:00 PM $3
$2000 Judo Tournament (SNAP) 28th July at 07:30 PM $3
$10,000 Long Distance Race 29th July at 06:00 PM $12
$2000 Trampoline (R&A) 29th July at 07:30 PM $1
$50,000 Marathon (Main Event) 30th July at 06:30 PM $30
$2,000 Freestyle Swimming (Turbo) 30th July at 07:30 PM $3
$2,000 Sprint (Super Turbo) 30th July at 09:00 PM $5

Play your ace game on these poker tournaments and get your name listed in first ever ChampionChips Series Tournament held by 888Poker. You can make your registrations by visiting the 888Poker website and clicking on the ‘Tournaments’ tab and also learn online poker strategy on the site. Sign in now and book your seats!


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