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Poker Master | January 8th, 2018 | Tournaments

insomniac the spartan poker tournament

The Spartan Poker is becoming a force to deal with in the Indian online poker industry. Considered as one of the best poker games online sites to play free and real money games, the platform also offers 24×7 real money poker tournaments. The poker site has recently announced Daily Insomniac Late Night Tournaments with guaranteed cash prizes of up to Rs.15,000. The tournaments will run daily late-night from 1:00 AM onwards.

There is buy-in required for all late night poker tournaments at The Spartan Poker. So, make sure you are already a real money player at this site. If you are still a free player, make a small deposit and play a real money poker game to get qualified for all upcoming tournaments.

Details of Insomniac Poker Tournaments

The late-night online poker tournaments running on a daily basis at The Spartan Poker can be joined with a buy-in of as low as Rs.55. The tournaments will start running from 1:00 AM. There will be multiple rounds with re-buy and add-on options. So, if you sleep less at night, try your hands on the late night poker tournaments at The Spartan Poker.

The complete schedule of the poker tournaments is as below. Play for guaranteed cash prizes worth up to Rs.15,000 by buying in.

Tournament Name Schedule Buy-In GTD Cash Prizes
Insomniac (RE) Daily at 1:00 AM Rs.220 Rs.7,500
Insomniac (RE) Daily at 3:00 AM Rs.220 Rs.15,000
Insomniac (R + A) Daily at 4:00 AM Rs.110 Rs.10,000
Insomniac (RE) Daily at 5:00 AM Rs.165 Rs.4,000
Insomniac (R + A) Daily at 6:00 AM Rs.55 Rs.5,000
Insomniac (RE) Daily at 7:00 AM Rs.110 Rs.4,500
Insomniac (R + A) Daily at 8:00 AM Rs.165 Rs.7,500

If you are already playing in daily late-night poker tournaments, we would like to hear your feedback. Subscribe to and post your views in the comment section below.


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